We are a registered as NOT-FOR-PROFIT in Malawi (est. 2016), Uganda (2019) and 501 (c) 3 Federal Tax Exempt in the USA (est. 2017)

The ALL CREATURES Animal Welfare Trust meets her charitable mandate predominantly through providing professional veterinary services, animal protection and a purposeful volunteer program. Our strategy is to raise the status of animals in Malawi, Uganda and Africa through government and private sector partnerships and providing animal care through professional veterinary services and animal welfare legislation.

We have longstanding experience in promoting animal welfare in Malawi  and aspire to instill scientifically sound and ethically acceptable animal utilization principles within confines of local traditional values in our target populations. We have veterinary centres in Lilongwe and Mzuzu cities that serve as training centre for volunteers too!

Our principle public partners are the Department of Animal Health and Livestock Development, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR), Malawi Police Services and Lilongwe and Mzuzu Local Authorities. 

Our primary benefactor are the people and the animals of Malawi!


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Making Africa a desirable place for ALL beings.

Welcome to our charity organization website. Animal Compassion without Borders!!!!

Our Vision

ALL CREATURES draws from the positive traditional animal welfare practices such as free-range indigenous chicken farming, pastoral cattle-keeping, harmonious coexistence around protected areas to sensitize the population on animal sentience, sustainable-living in-view of current scientific advancement.  ALL CREATURES moves to any area that presents a challenge to animal well-being in Malawi and Africa at large. The Trust pledges to uphold strict principles relevant to animal welfare in Malawi and across the spectrum in pursuance of unprejudiced animal compassion regardless of size, location, or species.

Making Africa a Desirable place for All Beings


Our Mission

To raise awareness of the link between animal welfare and human livelihood and to promote animal protection and veterinary services in order to save vulnerable animals. The organisation therefore pays special attention to promoting duty of care to animals by their owners, raising awareness of animal sentience (including compassionate conservation), providing community veterinary support  where it is lacking and contributing to public animal policies.

What we do

ALL CREATURES champions the role of optimal animal welfare in the improvement of community livelihoods, public health and reach positive biodiversity conservation outcomes. Through Roots & Shoots Groups we extend humane education to schools, the Animal Resource Centres are used as Animal Rescues, Veterinary Clinics & for Adoptions. We are also involved in Rabies Eradication in Malawi, Spay & Neuter, Livestock Welfare and Wildlife Veterinary interventions as a Community Veterinary Service.  ALL CREATURES, through the Malawi Police Services and  Vet Department, has an Animal Protection mandate that is dispensed through the Legislation and Policy programme. 

Our model

ALL CREATURES thrives on creating functional mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations with pertinent players in the various target communities to meet desirable outcomes.


Support a Cause That You Care About...

Mass Rabies Vaccination

We are working with Mzuzu City to vaccinate all the dogs. We have also partnered with Community Health Coalition. Rabies is still a very critical public health concern with severe animal welfare implications.

Raised: $3,000

Goal: $40, 000

Roots & Shoots Malawi

Our education and awareness is conducted under Global Roots and Shoots Clubs. We also coordinate all Roots&Shoots activities in Malawi in partnership with Jane Goodall Institute Tanzania. 

Raised: $0

Goal: $10 000

Community Vet Services

We provide charitable vet services through spay clinics, donkey clinics, wildlife interventions.  This is a programme that requires a lot of support in logistics, meds, supplies, and funds.

Raised: $4,300

Goal: $10 000

Livestock Welfare

ALL CREATURES is concerned with the welfare of animals during and slaughter. We seek support to work with traders to address this problem. We are also involved in eradication of the deadly ECF in partnership with CTTBD & GALVmed.

Raised: $4,000

Goal: $40, 000

Animal Rescue Centres

We operate Animal Resource Centres in Mzuzu and Lilongwe to support the two cities with Animal Control and Sheltering as well as provide a a fully equipped veterinary facility to the public. We seek extra support to provide for all the animal needs.

Raised: $6,500

Goal: $50,000

Animal Protection

ALL CREATURES championed the inclusion of Animal Welfare in the National Livestock Policy and Strategic Plan 2017-22 this year. The Trust is now fundraising to introduce an Animal Welfare law to replace the Animal Cruelty legislation.

Raised: $0

Goal: $70 000

Organization Impact in Numbers

Since February 2016 

Rabies Vaccinations


Animals Rescued


Animal Court Cases


Animals Treated


Children Educated


ALL CREATURES is Malawi's Premier Dog Haven