Support Any of Our Causes

Rabies Eradication Donations

Rabies kills 55,000 people (mainly kids) annually. Donate against this cause and save both animals and humans.


$5 - Vaccinates one dog 

$500- is enough to conduct one rabies vaccination clinic in                         one village.

$10,000- Is needed for the whole City of Mzuzu!!! Vaccination over 


Livestock Welfare

$5- is what it costs to insure that a village kids milk source is protected from the killer tickborne disease.

Animal Protection

$10 - Can sensitize 30 people (including) on their duty towards their animals. 

Community Spay Day Donations

$5      - Is needed to vaccinate one dog against rabies 

$20    - Can sterilize one female dog  

$100  -Can pay for all our veterinary costs for one day

$500  -We can vaccinate 100 dogs against rabies

$1000-Is what we need to run  one community veterinary clinic


Education Programmes Donations

$25 - Is what is required to hold a fifty (50) pupils humane education class

$500 -We can visit 10 schools and reach out to over 1000 kids

$1000 - Is what we would need to run our education programme per month,                   reaching out to 5000 kids  


Animal Rescue & Shelter Donations

$10 - Is needed for the annual vaccination of one dog 

$25- Can purchase hygiene and sanitation materials for 1 day

$100- Can take care of the veterinary care for one month

$250- Can feed all our dogs for one month