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Animal Volunteers in Malawi

Owing to the breadth and scope of our work, ALL CREATURES continuously seeks out individuals with a deep desire to support some of our activities through committing time to come out to our projects in Malawi. Our projects are suited for a wide variety of backgrounds that include animal carers, vet students, qualified veterinarians and perhaps retired ones too that would like to travel to Malawi or continental Africa and support a worthy cause at the same time. 

Our volunteer program is also flexible to individuals that would wish to break from their usual job orr work travel and contribute towards a specific animal cause. We have several projects that may interest an individual but at the sametime we offer a mix of experiences for those individuals that would like to get more involved in other activities.  While animal rescue & sheltering, veterinary clinics, livestock clinics, education (Roots & Shoots) and Animal Protection are an ongoing activity, other activities like the national mass rabies vaccinations, spay and neuter (world spay & world animal day) are often pre-arranged and these require prior booking.  

Our unwavering commitment is the satisfaction derived at the end of your stay with us. Malawi is one of the world’s 20 poorest countries. About 74 per cent of the population still lives below the income poverty line of US$1.25 a day and 90 per cent below the US$2 a day threshold. Implying that your support would make a very big difference to our programme and have a big impact on the livelihoods of both animals and people. 

Consultants Programme (Share your Expertise) 

Volunteers that qualify for this category are typically qualified professionals characteristically responding to a requirement at either one of our Animal Resource Centres of field projects.

The individual should be willing to stay for at least three months but not exceeding six months. This is a free placement that requires the individual to care for themselves and make a $1,000 donation. This is an opportunity for professionals to spend some time on our projects contributing to causes that matter to them.

The specialties range from builders, vets, marketing, accountants, and many others. This is a greatly varied set of specialties and should you feel that there any of our programmes that you wish to join, kindly email richard@allcreatures.org

Be advised to use "Expert" in the subject in your email.

International Volunteer Programme

ALL CREATURES greatly values volunteers that come to our organization, either as a short professional stay or simply a college externship. Since we have a wide scope of activities, we have a very interesting and a variety of volunteer experiences that can cater to all animal-lovers interests. We offer a special African experience but no doubt we are cognizant of the  special skills and outlook that you impart to the staff and your general contribution the organization as a whole.

We accept volunteers between 2 weeks and maximum three months. Unlike the previous placements, volunteer experiences require that you contribute towards your stay and the project that you are undertaking. Volunteers are also encouraged to carry one or two items from ALL CREATURES Wish list in order to support our cause as well as the operational team. Get involved in our veterinary and research projects to enrich your African and professional experience. Applications or inquiries on placement availability may be sent to volunteer@allcreaturestrust.org

In-kind donation (Wish-list)

As a charity organization we depend on donations and grants from well-wishers. We have a list of items that would be very beneficial to many of our projects. All the donations in-kind that we receive, off-set out budgetary provisions to allow us to serve many more animals and people. The wish list is updated annually to reflect the urgent needs of the organization.

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations can be made directly to ALL CREATURES through wire transfer. These maybe tagged with the specific programme for which the donation is being made and be sure to indicate the programme or activity on your wire transfer. All your support shall be acknowledged at all of our Animal Resource Centres and with formal communication. While we are still working on our merchant bank account kindly email richard@allcreaturestrust.org for bank account details.

The Children’s League

ALL CREATURES CHILDREN’S LEAGUE is the brain-child of Martha Ssuna the eight year old daughter of Dr. Richard Ssuna, Country Director and Founder of ALL CREATURES. The spirited little Martha is determined to save the animals of the planet and in her quest to do so she approached several of her friends and recruited them into the LEAGUE. The aim of the league is to instill in young people the attitude of caring for animals and to give them a platform to be actively involved in advocating for the welfare of animals. The League has over the past few months held various activities in pursuit of fulfilling its aim. Some of the activities have included baking and selling dog biscuits, making and selling animal themed Christmas cards, visiting a fish and pig farm, molding bricks for a fundraising activites and much more! We are very confident that these little troopers will grow into firm adherers of animal welfare principles and will always advocate for and educate others about the same.

For information on the CHILDRENS LEAGUE and future activities contact info@allcreaturestrust.org

Corporate Sponsorship

We welcome Individuals, Business firms, Organizations, and companies that would want to further our non-profit's work to support us as Corporate Sponsors. Any form of Sponsorship will directly benefit the communities we serve. All Creatures will appreciate your work by developing ways to support you back. For more information please contact us on info@allcreaturestrust.org

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