Report Animal Cruelty

Report Animal Cruelty

If you think someone you know is abusing animals, please speak up. The best thing you can do is report your suspicions of cruelty to your local police post o station and or call our number 01751934 for immediate response and possible rescue. We have a charitable funded animal shelter that can rehabilitate any rescued animals.

Please note all personal details will be kept completely confidential. Please do not leave false details as this may well mean that we are unable to resolve the situation.

Animal neglect is the most common type of cruelty, Please call that animal welfare agencies in your area

Animal Cruelty can be either deliberate abuse or simply the failure to take care of an animal

Common Examples of Animal Cruelty
  • Underfeeding and hence allowing an animal to become underweight
  • Keeping animals in unacceptably low sanitary or hygienic conditions
  • Unreasonably allowing an animal’s medical conditions to go professionally untreated
  • Failure to provide an animal with adequate shelter and clean water, especially in rain or hot sun
  • Neglecting to provide a long enough tether for an animal (if tied) or large enough crate (if caged)
  • Leaving an animal in a car – even with the windows down, the result could be heat exhaustion or death
  • Beating, mistreating, tormenting or abusing an animal
  • Intentionally mutilating or inhumanely killing an animal
  • Overloading or overworking an animal beyond what is technically acceptable.
  • Maliciously or neglectifuly exposing an animal to poison
What needs to be reported?

Animal Description in Question

  • Animal type (to help us identify the animal needing help)
  • Description of animal! (e.g. colour, breed distinguishing marks etc)
  • Location. Where was the animal last seen? 
  • How long have you been concerned for animal? (Please tell us how long the animal has been in this situation, state etc.)
  • Description of the alleged cruelty! (Please tell us why you feel the animal is being mistreated or subjected to cruelty)

Owner / person responsible details


  • The name of the person harming the animal (Let us know their name if it's known)
  • Do you have a description of the person harming the animal? (This can be helpful to the officer)


Please note you can upload a maximum of 10MB in the following formats: jpg, png or gif or pdf.

Where to report?

All animal cruelty reports should be made directly to the police and or any of the ANIMAL RESOURCE CENTRES for our officers to follow these cases through with the police and judicial officers in the Protection of the Animals. 


Animal Protection remains a core cause of ALL CREATURES and any available resources shall not be spared to relieve animals from distressful situations.


Call 01751934 for all Animal Cruelty Cases  

Animal Cruelty Log Form

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