Veterinary Clinics, Education & Shelter....

Veterinary Centres in Lilongwe & Mzuzu

ALL CREATURES operates fully equipped Veterinary Centres in Mzuzu and Lilongwe. These are designed as a ONE STOP Animal Resource Centres, fully fitted for vet surgery and an Animal Shelter and Adoption. The centres also offer Pet Travel and Grooming Services and Education Centres . 

Both Animal Resource Centres offer 24hr veterinary service in line with the Trust's strategy of supporting the government with public professional service on the welfare of animals and a fundraising strategy. Both sites have a team of qualified veterinarians, equipped with gas anaesthetic (isoflurane), xray machine, and a fully equipped laboratory.

Our charitable purpose is supported by PROJECT V.E.T.S, Animal-Kind International, Stichting DIO, Fort Lauderdale Veterinary Center, Homeward Trails Animal Rescue & various well wishers.

Dr Delphine reducing a fracture

The Animal Resource Centre concept serves to provide income for our operations through providing a needed service to the community in line with organisation objective of improving animal welfare through veterinary services. The veterinary facility is also used to provide veterinary care to our rescue animals and at the same time promoting veterinary training especially the concept of shelter medicine. The discipline is steadiliy growing in popularity globally and a big attraction of veterinary gap year students from Europe. 

All Animal Resource Centres are designed to help in animal rescue and protection. As a result we maintain Animal Rescue Shelters in two locations. We work with the Cities of Lilongwe and Mzuzu to support the Animal Control work on their behalf while at the same time we provide the two cities with a safe haven for animals rescued or captured as a process of animal control in both cities.

The Animal Resource Centres are also viewed as community centres that are used for humane education in our different locations.

Animal Rescues

Animals are treated as individuals in order to ensure that the entire population is healthy. Sick or injured animals may be reported by the community to allow early intervention by the experts to assess and determine the need for intervention. It is this inherent sense of ownership and responsibility that we need to establish in the communities around the protected areas, beyond the economic value, to optimally conserve some of the most charismatic creatures that are currently driven to extinction due to the external pressures.

It is All Creatures ambition to pilot this in collaboration with existing conservation efforts before extending it further out as a model.