This is the third ALL CREATURES Veterinary Centre which was established in March 2019 as a charity Veterinary facility to support the animal the promotion animal welfare on the Entebbe Pennisular as well as generate funds to supplement our programmes, take care of the overhead costs like veterinary care, staff salaries and other occupancy expenses. The centre is located in Entebbe, off Lake Victoria hotel stage, Mugwanya road, Plot 22, before Bugonga Catholic Church. It provides a conducive, wider, safer and quiet environment for you the pet owner, the pet and other personal belongings when you come to see the Vet. So far we deal in dogs, cats, cattle, goats, rabbits, chicken and pigs.

Facility Set-up

Our set up has 24 hour Veterinarians to care for in and out patients. In addition to the professional staff, the centre is equipped with gas anesthetic machine, inpatient Kennels, a fully equipped consultation room, several diagnostic equipments and laboratory services. X- ray and Ultra sound machines services are outsourced from outside the center for the time being if deemed necessary.

Services Offered

The facility offers; soft tissue surgery, orthopedic surgery, corrective surgery, dentistry and many other elective operations like spay and neuters at affordable prices. We offer other basic care like deworming, flea treatment, consultations , inpatient care, critical care, diabetes management and other hormonal pathologies.

We provide veterinary clearance for pet export. This mainly applies to expats departing from Uganda. We process movement permits, veterinary health certificates and provide advice for pets travelling to all countries not limited to the United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, United States of America and many other countries within Africa and beyond.

Open Hours

The clinic opens from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday, but offers out of hours services at an extra cost.  We only open up to 12 pm on Saturday and are closed all day on Sundays. We however attend to the inpatient pets throughout the week and are open for emergencies out of hours.


All funds collected from the veterinary service goes towards sustaining our charitable status and providing much needed service to needy and homeless animals. Any extra support may be made through a  donation here; 


Veterinary Manager- Dr Yasin Opok


Veterinary Nurse- Eva Sheila Nankinga​​​​​​​