Improve livelihoods through humane farming

Farm Animal Welfare

Livestock production has been fronted as one of the key agricultural enterprises as a well as key component in environmental disaster resilience strategies. ALL CREATURES Livestock Welfare activities predominantly targets traditional indigenous livestock producers. This programme particularly addresses animal health, specifically the control of East Coast Fever, Live Animal Transportation and slaughter.

We hope to make this world happier.

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Donkeys supplying wood in Lilongwe

GaLVmed Partnership

East Coast Fever kills approximately 1,000,000 cattle per annum in Africa. This tickborne disease rather interestingly only affects Central and Northern Malawi regions, which unfortunately keep the highest population of cattle in the country and causes severe losses in deaths of mainly calves that are bitten by infective ticks.

ALL CREATURES has embarked on a positive partnership with GALVMED and The Centre For Ticks and Tick Bourne Disease (CTTBD), to increase the administration of the vaccine in the country and curb the detrimental effects of the disease on both the animals and the farming households. Dealing with ECF will first of all improve the quality of life for the animals and also eventually improve the livelihoods of the families that depend on livestock. ALL CREATURES is executing the project in three phases; Firstly, establishing a baseline data of the livestock, secondly, Awareness and Sensitization and lastly; Government Technical Extension Staff sensitization. Our target is to cover 10,000 calf vaccination by the end of the year. We look to collaborate more deeply with both the private investors like Nyama World and the general public in order to sustain the professional personnel.

Due to the sheer size of the targeted area, we need both international and local supporters to contribute to this project either through contributing financial support or volunteering your time at the project.

Calf with severe worm burden in Malawi

Improving live animal transportation and slaughter

The Northern Region of Malawi is mainly dependent on the urbanite livestock products’ market of Lilongwe and Mzuzu. Transport to accessing these lucrative livestock markets has unfortunately been used as one of the means of increasing profits by middlemen involved in this trade.

Cattle are trekked from as far as Embangweni to Lilongwe on hoof with little access to feeds, water or even rest. Since this region has a heavy dependence on livestock trade, the sheer numbers involved in this trade, presents a high animal welfare price on the animals.  

ALL CREATURES has embarked on reviving the previous livestock resting areas through engaging with the middlemen, the cattle market committees, district executive committees and the traditional leaders.

We are also examining the loading of those animals that are transported on trucks, the preparation of the surface, loading methods and right through the process up to slaughter. Our livestock team is headed by a veterinarian, supported by a community officer, and a programmes assistant.

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We hope to make this world happier.